My name is Narain Sagar, I’m ~23, I live in  Karachi, Pakistan and am pretty much enjoying my life.

I am a tech. lover, a software/application developer, who loves to code stuff. I like to solve challenging problems, like to learn new skills (and about new technologies) everyday and to work on new & innovative ideas. I always put my best efforts in my everyday life tasks.

Currently, I’m working as an application developer @ Recurship – a software boutique where I (with team) work on tough challenges and create amazing software / web applications using languages (HTML / CSS / JS, Bootstrap, Jade, NodeJS, Express, JQuery, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, GruntJS, Amazon AWS, and other open source javascript libraries as well).

My technical & core experience includes MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) apps development, web development (PHP, JS, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3 – Bootstrap), Automated Testing (MochaJS, ChaiJS, ProtractorJS, Jasmine, etc.), some mobile development (mainly on Android and Phonegap) and a little bit of application development on Java, .NET and C/C++.

I’ve good programming, logic development, analysis, software testing (automation) & debugging skills. Along with, I have a deep and strong knowledge of object oriented programming, relational databases, artificial intelligence, design patterns, data structures and algorithms, cloud technologies, networks and security. Also, I have good observation & thinking skills to analyze, understand things and business processes easily.

Specialities: Web developer (Frontend + Backend), Mobile developer (Android & Phonegap), Database modeling, designing & development via (SQL / MySQL/MongoDB) and MEAN Stack Apps Developer.

Interests: Big Data, Backend Technologies, Cloud Computing, Research & Development, Open Source Technologies, Node & JavaScript Libraries, Behavioral Psychology.

Have a good day!
Narain S.